Tosin Olaleye at 21

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Who missed me?

Well…I have been quiet for a while and I think sometimes it’s needed.

I don’t know about you, but I am really excited about April, if you didn’t smash any goals in the first three months, don’t give up. Just ensure you are more DELIBERATE this month.

Well…let’s move to the gist of the day.

So…prior to my been in the UK, I didn’t the age 21 was a big deal, people threw parties, the ladies had more than one outfit.

To be honest, at some point, I thought I was capturing moments at an engagement party. However, I learnt that every milestone is worth celebrating.

Coming back home, I realized that 21 is a deal for reasons I don’t know but like I said, life is worth celebrating.

Tosin clocked 21 recently and she wanted a photo shoot session, something different from what she was used to, just to celebrate her big day.

So we went to the road and decided to try somethings out.

My love for black and white is unending

She already told me ahead that she had minimum of 3 outfits so I knew, the shoot was going to last a while.

My love for this picture is unexplainable

We ended the shoot by heading off to the beach. 

See me see solution ohhhh, after all her shouting “I want a beach shoot” we got there only to discover she has a phobia for water.



This picture taught me something, in life wherever we go, we leave our footprints. What would people remember you for when you leave?

No achievement is too little to be celebrated.

Keep having a great week.


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