Twins First Birthday Party

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Children birthday parties….

Who remembers “Tales by moonlight”? If you do ermmm…..*comments reserved*. I think I should start mine. Ermmm…just kidding 

Apart from being a photographer, I love to tell stories and I do that with my pictures and my mouth. If you know other platforms I can use, please holla at this girl.

I have missed telling you all about my stories, the past few weeks have been busy but…

Of course you know I am a photographer, that’s no news and you know I love covering events, weddings and birthday parties to be specific. Don’t hesitate to call for your bookings.

Oh well for those who think wedding coverage is hard work, try children parties. It is tough work.

For those who know me well, you know I love twins.

Yes, you guessed right. It was their first birthday party.

Aren’t they adorable?

Ignore the fact that one is crying, she is still adorable.

Even though it seems like she is saying “get that camera off my face” or maybe “i am not in the mood for pictures”.

Just kidding!!!!

As much as I am not a big fan of big first year birthday parties and that’s because the celebrants don’t understand what’s going on but on a second thought, I think its not a bad idea cause milestones should be celebrated. 

However, the adults are the ones who have more fun.

I don’t blame them ohhh….we all need that time out to just chill.

But what I love about children parties is capturing beautiful children. 

Even while they are asleep, they are still beautiful.

The beauty about having twins especially the identical ones is that everyone wants to carry them.

Her facial expression says it all *hahahahaahahaha*

Oh yeah, that’s daddy showing love to his girls

And that’s mummy being DRAMATIC

I love facial expressions, for me that’s the best part of being a photographer: capturing and preserving moments.

Her facial expression says: “why are you bumping into the photo”?

And yeah that’s the whole family

Twins are still individuals, I think they are quite identical. What do you think?

I thought it was supposed to be a children’s party but oh well….

I didn’t remember to mention their names

And the party ended with more pictures of mummy and her girls

I enjoy telling stories, I hope you enjoyed listening to me too.

Do you want me to tell your stories?

Hire my services as a photographer and your story will be the next.

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  1. Japheth A.
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    Lovely Pictures…KIDS though 😍😍😍 #Twins

    • Pamsotu
      | Reply

      You are being partial. Thanks for reading. Please share.

  2. Doris
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    Lovely pams , tag me plsssss. Love your work you are the best.

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