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As a story teller, when I put up a blog post, the idea is to try narrating the wedding the way I experienced it while shooting.

There’s no need to start narrating how long this two have been together as we featured their pre-wedding shoot earlier in the year.

Well…they had their traditional wedding few weeks back and allow me to say that Port-harcourt was lit.

Trust me when I say I looked forward to this day, I mean 15 years was quite a long time for this two not to seal the deal.

We started the day, by putting together and capturing those “little things” that so much time and money had been spent on to make the day perfect.

Afterwards, it was time to get the bride set for her big day


By the time she was ready, we had ample time for lots of portraits and of course plenty pictures with family and friends.


It was hard to get the sisters to have a serious pose as they kept talking and laughing and well, since my duty is to preserve moments, I kept clicking.

The groom wasn’t left out, as Olupitan Olusanya ensured his moments were captured to be well preserved.

Oden arrived in grand style ready to take his bride away

While Oden went to change into his proper attire to reveal him as a Calabar man, Ugochi was allowed to show herself by dancing to greet her people and her in-laws.

After which she went in to change into her husband’s cultural attire to signify that she’s about to cross over. 

Before she came out, Oden had to present himself properly and formally to the crowd.

Those shoes got me tripping though and that’s true Oden you said you would arrange one for me. #winks.

Who told you military men don’t take orders from civilians? It was funny seeing Oden shake waist. 

It was time for Ugochi to come out and locate her groom but it was necessary we took a few portraits of her second outfit.

Ugochi is one person I know that never gets tired of a quick selfie.


It was beautiful experiencing a different culture, I think I would have probably cried at this point, if I were the bride but Ugochi being Ugochi didn’t even blink.

Now the search for her lover of life and destiny just began


…and yes she found him

When your mother in-law has been anticipating sharing surname with you for a very long time

I love cakes and for those reading this, my birthday is coming soon, don’t hesitate to send a cake.

Back to the matter, the creativity in cake making is on another level ohhh

The day ended with lots of dancing and more family pictures

Who told you Nigeria is experiencing recession? My dear, money dey where money dey ohhhh 


This shoes are giving me pure life, Oden don’t forget my shoe ohhhhh

I am sure you enjoyed taking out time to read this and also viewing the pictures. 

Watch out for the white wedding. 

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