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Ugochi and Oden have come a lonnnnggggg way. From the days of NITEL phone calls to writing letters to “yes”, “no”, “maybe”, “I am not doing again” to finally “YES YES”. 

All this drama started in 2002, yes you read right 2002, 15 years and still counting.

When I heard it I was speechless but well…you know all this secondary school things that end up becoming something. 

Ugochi is such a beautiful lady both inside and out, with her, there’s no dull moments. She is as real as possible, always laughing. 

Oden on the other hand is an army officer, although he doesn’t look like one but…meeting him for the first time, I could tell that he has such a good heart.

Trust me, you don’t want to know all the drama that took place before and during the shoot.

We managed to get a few serious pictures because with this two, it’s continuous laughter. 


While we were shooting, there was this guy that just kept giving us make sense love jams. 

Ugochi suggested we take pictures with Oden playing the keyboard.  

In my small mind ohhh, Oden can’t play, that’s how he sat down and almost threw me off balance and started forming humble that he is just learning.  

Is that how people learn?

Always laughing, I don’t blame them, you can’t capture 15 years memories with serious face. 



At this point, I said “lean on her” and someone almost started sleeping.

“There’s a level of peace when you are beside the one that your heart longs for”.

It’s so funny how one man would go to NDA, go through all manners of suffering, the woman he will marry is not there with him ohhhh. Then all of a sudden love comes into the picture and then marriage automatically makes this woman a rank above him. 

You see what love can do. 

Ugochi, how many titles do you want to have ehnnn…

Architect, Mrs turn Major

With this two, I have learnt that you just have to make every moment count.


I mean after 15 years of friendship, love, laughter, fights, arguments what else could be better than seeing this two tie the knots.

I definitely had fun shooting this two, don’t hesitate to follow us on Instagram and Facebook @pamsotuphotography and to drop a comment for these two love birds.

Call us on 07035705613, 08155734940 if you want a creative and fun filled session. We are eager to shoot yours.    


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