Without my heart

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What better way to start the month than by celebrating love.

The more I thought it was a lesson
The more a lifetime it became
Yes becoming more of a blessing
That’s how pain becomes a gain
With everyday unfolding the reality
No longer did I feel we were a pity
Cause with these awesome moments created
Not just counting days feeling it’s belated
Snapshots serving as reminders and dated
A detailed remembrance of what we once hated
And voice notes greatly easing the pain of distance
You talk about leaving,now am off balance
Don’t ever forget we have a council of constance
I know we are from two different kingdoms
But a new generation we wanted from that instance
Since you have to leave…..
Just don’t leave without my heart

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  1. cakesbyhoney
    | Reply

    Beautiful piece?

  2. Ekeh I Alex
    | Reply

    The best of all weapons ever on earth is not guns, arrows, or any nuclear armoury whatsoever. Rather it is LOVE.
    We must love our enemies, friends, families and nature at large so we can preserve the life around us.
    Ultimately, when we meet that special one, we must do all in our ability to look out for them.

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