Woman Crush Wednesday

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I don’t know about you, but the time to celebrate yourself has come.
You don’t have to roar to be heard.
You don’t need to be provoked to influence.
You don’t need to act like a man to be in control.
What happened to the feminine spirit in you?
What happened to the power to be able to stand still and still control things?
It is time to celebrate the woman in you.
It is time to embrace your warmth.
It is time to celebrate that soft and gentle spirit.
Enjoy the ability to peacefully submit, command authority and still bring about orderliness.
You don’t have to be rigid, talk at top of your voice to stand out and gain respect.
You don’t have to loose sight of your femininity, just to be heard.
Celebrate the woman in you.
Remember you are smart, pretty, talented, admirable and lots more.
Keep having a great Wednesday ladies.

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