Yemisi + Tomi

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It has been ages that I posted anything, but not too worry, for those who missed my ART, I am back.

I decided to wrap up the year with this couple. It was an impromptu shoot but most importantly, we were able to create memorable moments and have them captured.

I could hardly get any serious picture of this two cause they kept laughing and making jokes all through.

Life shouldn’t be that serious anyway, it is already hard, why make it harder?

IMG_6348-Edit-2                             IMG_6427-Edit IMG_6431-Edit                             IMG_6443-Edit

This picture got me laughing, I think they were preaching to me at this point.


At this point, Tomi wanted to imitate a scene in the movie “Titanic”. There wasn’t any ship but…they had their fun.


Tomi didn’t let me rest as he kept on talking about “walking into future”

IMG_6467-Edit     IMG_6472-Edit

More moments captured……

IMG_6445-Edit                             IMG_6450-Edit IMG_6386-Edit                             IMG_6403-Edit-Edit


At the end of it all, I noticed I had quite a lot of pictures of them holding hands.

IMG_6465-Edit                               IMG_6449-Edit IMG_6383-Edit                               IMG_6439-Edit

For me, there’s something about holding the hands of the one you love. I see it as a sign of a unending promise, “I will stand by you no matter what”, “We are in this together”. I am sure you understand, if you don’t…..

Anyway, this is what I do, and I love every bit of it.


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  1. priceless oluwatobi
    | Reply

    Pamilerin,well done!

    • Pamsotu
      | Reply

      Thank you

  2. Zanau
    | Reply

    Lovely Yemisi, I’m so happy ? seeing you getting married ? soon.

  3. Omonstony
    | Reply

    Very very good job Pamilera. I should learn a few things from u. ☺?

    • Pamsotu
      | Reply

      Okay no problem, would gladly be of help.

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