…you no dey taya to sleep?…

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Who doesn’t love sleep?
Who doesn’t love to rest?
I do oh!!!!!!
Look at this baby; you can be certain he is loving his sleep and that hand says “don’t disturb me”.


Let’s look at this from a different angle. A lot of us are sleeping on our dreams, goals, visions and purpose.
Imagine all the years you have to live on earth is 70 and you sleep 8 hours everyday, you would have slept for 25 years of your life!
Wow!!!! That’s a lot of time wasted.
Agreed, you don’t sleep that much but when you awake, what you doing with your time?

Am talking of “sleep” in the context of idleness, of not working that brain out. It’s very funny when people spend a N100,000 plus on a laptop and all they do is watch films and play games!
Like seriously?! Why did you even waste that amount of money in the first place?!
Stop sleeping time away.

These little ones can afford to sleep ’cause they have little or nothing to worry about, but not you.
Get that brain of yours working. People are out there doing remarkable things and you are sleeping!



You may feel you got the talent but if you don’t put it to work, it will become dormant.
Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field. It is not enough to dream, you need to act.
Go back to those new year’s resolutions and start working on them.

Happy new month ahead and Happy Independence to we Nigerian folks.

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    None can underestimate the essence of sleep… Nice thread!

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