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I know we all can’t be entrepreneurs but we all can make the most of our mind and do extraordinary things.
This post is specially designed to celebrate great minds, people who still believe that great things can still come out of Nigeria.
Entrepreneur Diary Series (EDS) is a great platform for entrepreneurs to exhibit their products, create networks, be inspired and be mentored.

Does she look like a shoe maker? I doubt, but that’s what she is and she refers to herself as ” ‘Lubunmi D’ shoo-mey-ker ” and those shoes are made here in “Naija”. Ladies am sure you like what you see, you just put a call through 08131680306.



She is not just pretty but she is highly creative and her hands do all the magic.
Enough of importing items, we have them in Nigeria.


Why spend so much money on a chemical based product which could be harmful to your skin when you can get the same result with a natural based product from ” De Ravens skin care”? Test for yourself by calling 08176944051.



Wait oh!!!! What happened to the men out there?
Oh!!! I sight one and he is also a very good friend. His brand name is ” Agape Republic”, quite unique.
Trust me, a time would come when we would no longer patronise ” TM Lewin”, and the likes and we won’t the scared that they are “aba”. Am sure Dotun can make you look good, 08141212385.



It’s a lady again!!!!
I love her brand name, ” Remileimu” quite indigenous, that confirms that it is ” Naija” . I am not a jewellery person, but they are breathtaking. You sure be able to spare some cash this season to look breathtaking. 08057775749.


I can’t fail to celebrate the minds behind EDS Mrs Sola Opesanwo , such a great inspiration with a wonderful personality and she also bakes ” 17 Brooks Bakery” yet to taste her cake but am sure they are taste lovely. Mr Ayodele Ayobolu, a man with few words but his hands sure do all the talking.



It won’t be fair not to celebrate the one who captured these moments, also a lady, a computer scientists turn Photographer and writer. There’s no picture of her but this are her works.




At EDS, we don’t fail to recognise people. Our first edition and we were able to give out awards.


Are you interested in participating in this series, call 08052036758. The next one is scheduled for 24th January, 2015 at Abuja.

EDS: Create Innovate Lead
Pamsotu Photography: We create| We capture| We preserve

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  1. Olumide
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    Nice….all worth celebrating (and the camera lady who is camera shy too)

  2. funmi
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  3. dotun
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    i can truly say dat one of d best tins dat has eva happened to me is meetin such an outstandin beautiful!intelligent nd innovative young lady in person of miss akinlosotu pamilerin !ceo pamsotu photography!you are to muchhhh abeg….nyc one..

  4. Esi Agada
    | Reply

    Pamilerin I praise God for you. The Lord bless the work of your hands.

  5. perry
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    Speechless !!!! Nice work am proud of u

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